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Article: Looking for the ideal weekend bag?

Weekendtassen leer voor dames en heren bij De tassenzaak

Looking for the ideal weekend bag?

A weekend bag is exactly what it says: just the right size for a weekend away. A weekend bag is intended to carry enough clothes, toiletries and other essentials for a few days away, and should have a long, adjustable strap for carrying across the body or over the shoulder and shorter handles for a quick grab. Weekend bags are soft on the side and have a zipper at the top. When the bag is fully unzipped, the opening is wide enough for easy access to all contents.

What to take with you in a weekend bag

This of course depends on personal priorities and whether you are a woman or a man, but the golden rule should be 'don't take too much'. On the one hand, you'll hardly be the stylish traveler if you can barely lift your weekend bag and on the other hand, it's always good to have some room for those impulse purchases you're prone to. Decide what you are going to do and pack carefully in. A second small bag for everyday use is probably a good idea. Traveling light means careful clothing choices and being willing to do without all those things you think you need but aren't really necessary.

Can you use a weekend bag as hand luggage?

For most of us, an overnight bag has to be carry-on luggage, so there will be very few overnight bags that don't meet airline cabin capacity restrictions. Please note that not all airlines have the same size limits, so always check online first.


What is a good weekend bag?

You want to travel in style, you want to feel good about the weekend bag you use, otherwise you would make do with a supermarket bag for life: a good weekend bag looks good and gives you a lot of pleasure in using it. You also need something that won't let you down: sturdy material that is water-repellent and does not mark easily, handles that are comfortable and robust, zippers and stitching. A shoulder strap with yoke means you can have your hands free when needed, although this is not a comfortable way to carry a bag for long periods of time. An internal zip pocket is useful for phone and wallet and an external zip pocket is useful for easy access to items.

How big should a weekend bag be?

If you want to be able to take your weekend bag with you on the plane, if it is too large to take on board and it has to be checked in as luggage for the hold, then the whole 'travel light and move fast' principle goes out the window. Typical airline dimensions are 55 cm, 35 cm, 20 cm (always check this with your airline). The great thing about a weekend bag is that because it has a soft side, it can be filled to fit the required dimensions as long as you don't overstuff it.

Straight to the right collection?

Weekend bags ladies

Weekend bags men

Are you going for Italian?

Tuscany Leather bags are made in Italy, with 100% genuine Italian calf leather and come with a 24-month warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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