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Article: Why buy a leather backpack?

Rugtassen leer voor dames en heren bij De tassenzaak

Why buy a leather backpack?

Backpacks made of leather will generally be more expensive than your average daypack. Most of it has to do with the materials. Leather is simply more expensive to produce than cotton or synthetic fabrics. But try not to be put off too much by the price tag, as there are real benefits to buying a leather backpack.

Most importantly, leather not only looks cool, but is also much more durable than other fabrics. Think of your favorite pair of leather boots – they can take a beating without sacrificing any integrity. The same goes for a leather backpack. On top of the durability component, you also have the fact that leather tends to get even better the more you use it, developing a fine, unique patina over time.

All this is to say, consider a backpack made of leather as an investment and one you certainly won't regret.

These are the 5 benefits:

1 - Durability and Flexibility: Leather is known for its durability and resistance - which is actually one of the reasons why it is one of the most commonly used materials for backpacks. You can use your backpack every day without worrying about it tearing. Its natural flexibility is also a complementary feature of its durability and over time it becomes flexible, giving a unique shape to its shape and allowing it to age beautifully without losing any of its stylish appearance, form or functionality.

2 - Natural and eco-friendly: Leather is a natural material, unlike other synthetic products used to make backpacks. This also means that the production process of a leather backpack does not pollute the environment, as when producing a synthetic or fake bag with more chemicals. Leather makes us feel good and gives us peace of mind knowing it is natural and not made from unknown laboratory chemicals.

3 - Naturally Waterproof and Breathable: Backpacks made of leather provide some level of protection for your belongings inside if you are suddenly caught in drizzle or light rain. Of course, we don't want to say that nothing happens if you soak your backpack in water, but it can proudly withstand moisture. Moreover, leather breathes. That means it also fights against bad odors, mold infestation, dust mites, or dry wear that can easily occur with other faux leather or synthetic backpacks.

4 – Long-term Bag Savings: You may think that leather backpacks are expensive and may make you hesitant during your purchasing process. However, if you do a little calculation, you will be convinced that investing in a real backpack made of high-quality leather will save you money in the long run than buying a cheap, low-quality backpack. 

5 - Stylish and elegant: The unique sense of elegance and sophistication of a backpack can be by far the first thing that the whole world agrees on. When you wear a backpack made of high-quality leather, whether it is blue, red or just classic black, you will probably feel like the most stylish person. 

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Top 2 brands of backpacks at the Bag Store

  • Tuscany Leather bags are made in Italy, with 100% genuine Italian calf leather and come with a 24-month warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.


  • dR Amsterdam has been setting the tone in luxury and trendy leather goods for years. Trendy bags with uncompromising quality. Made from sustainable materials and designed with extra attention to functionality. Made for years of pleasure and indispensable in every wardrobe.

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